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She's Hercules's mission to provide a realistic outlook on health and fitness. Ever women deserves to be the best version of themselves. We can provide the support and knowledge you are looking for to get to your goals.

She's Hercules's vision is to empower women to lift, laugh and love their way to a healthier way of life.

She's Hercules Core Values


M Motivate yourself and others

I Intensity

N Nurture your body and mind

D Desire greatness on all levels

S Self care 

E Excel at everything you do

T TEAM - Together everyone achieves 

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From Our Clients 

I use to dread physical activity. I started a training package with Sarah after hearing her train another client in the gym. She was so ready and full of energy, it seemed like the client and herself were having fun. After working with Sarah. I learned how to get to my goals and enjoy the exercises. It is all in the mindset and not being so hard on yourself. 


Ive had trainers before, they always dragged out teaching me movements, always pushed me to renew with little to no results. I just wanted real results without all the fad diets and dragged out plans. I met Sarah, told her what I wanted and she created a plan that was specific. In 3 short months I was vacation ready. It was a lot of hard work but the results were worth it. 

Jess ​

Im a mom of 3 with little to no time. It was hard to join a class or commit to a bootcamp. 

The trainers worked around my schedule and made it possible to reach my goals. 


Over the years people fall on and off the fitness wagon, I am one of those people. 

Every time I got discouraged, had a bad day, week, sometimes month my trainer would be right there helping me back up and on a path to success. It is more then just fitness but overall health and well being.


Working out can be intimidating, especially when your brand new to the gym or fitness all together. They took me step by step, educating me on different styles of training, form and equipment that is available. 


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