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Our Featured Classes


Full body tighten and toning. Increase endurance and energy. Challenge yourself to better yourself. Have the guidance of a certified personal trainer by your side and get you real results.



This is a mobility and stability style class. We encourage all levels of fitness to try a class. Our instructor shows progressions and regressions for every move. She includes options that use a chair and yoga straps. This class is ideal for people with hip and/or knee replacements.



Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — to help improve cardiovascular fitness.


Butt & Gutt


Say goodbye to cellulite and unwanted body fat. We have herd your cries and designed a program specifically for the target areas most women struggle with. 



Increase your endurance and energy. 

Feel the motivation of like minded women pushing themselves to greatness. Learn how to defend yourself.  


Heavy Lifters

                                                                                                      COMING SOON



$130 +TAX

Per 30 day period 

Unlimited Classes + Camps

Unlimited Gym access 

Early Bird to Specialty Classes

+ 1 Entry

All Things Hercules 


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Trx is a different bootcamp.I have toned my arms and abs in a matter of 2 months. I though she was crazy when she passed me the handles and said this is your equipment. 

- Tara 

I just wanted to be slim-thick and the B&G Camp did that for me. Toned my abs and lifted my ass. 

- Kelly

I was was walking home from work after a bad day at the office when I pasted a new shop on wyandotte. The Music was on and lights dancing in the door way. I stopped to look in and  saw a room full of women dancing their asses off and smiling. Hoots and cheering came from inside as I found myself in the door way bouncing to the beat. The energy was magnetic.

- A Thankful Stranger 

I had my hip replaced about a year ago. I never though I would be doing yoga but at She's Hercules they have a regressed yoga class that incorporates the wall and a chair. It the perfect workout for a number like me. 

- Carrol 

HIIT literally hits you. I sweat my *** off every time and leave feeling amazing. Already down 4 inches and worth the hard work. 

- Suzan

 Boxing class really help me come out of my shell. Being able to defend myself has given me my confidence back.

- Mary-Anne

I use to go out dancing with friends when I was younger. We may be a little aged for the bars but not for dancing. Zumba is the perfect fix.

- Laura